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Drone Security

Drone Security Services

Increasing security incidents and evolving threats force many businesses to adopt a common approach, to supplement security guards and increase the security team with additional manning and encumber the additional cost to increase the security posture.

It is believed that this increase will provide adequate coverage and effective threat mitigation. Airvis response is to use drone technology, deploying security drones equipped with cameras, thermal sensors and spotlights to gather data via video surveillance.

Monitoring areas using commercial drones provides security services superior to traditional patrols whilst reducing manning and overall attributed costs. Drones increase efficiency and situational awareness, reducing response times, and improving intelligence collation.

Security and Surveillance Drones 

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or security drone use is revolutionizing many aspects of security work. Drone technology can fundamentally change how security respond to a wide range of incidents and help keep officers and the public safe.  

For smaller agencies, drones provide an airborne asset that was previously financially out of reach.

Combining drone security teams with existing physical security and technical measures can have a major positive impact on security operations and safety on your site.

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