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Drone Training & Consulting Services

Drone Consulting Services


Aerial Hawk as teamed up with Aviation Systems Group Ltd who are industry leading trainer in the uk for UAV Training.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements

A2 CofC Instructor-Led Drone Pilot Course (UK)

Need training that goes above and beyond what’s required? Our virtual or in-person instructor-led training ensures that operators within this category get the chance to fully learn the requirements and have valuable time ‘face-to-face’ with our instructors. This course will guide you through all the relevant materials, where you can ask questions and seek clarification!


GVC & A2 CofC Training Course (UK)

Want to fly your drone safely and legally within the UK? With the combination GVC & A2 CofC drone training course, you can!


We believe that offering you the complete package is necessary as we transition into the new regulations! It also allows individuals and organizations the flexibility to operate in both ‘categories’ where you may operate different platforms across multiple locations. Aerial Hawk in parnership with ASG Ltd offers the full solution: A2 CofC and with the GVC all as one package deal. Allowing you to fly drones up to 25Kg

Our Drone Consultant Services

Drones save businesses time and money and improve operational efficiency in both the private and public sectors, leading more organizations to create in-house drone programs. Whether you are just beginning to plan out your drone program or are ready to scale to a national level, Aerial Hawk is ready to help. Our consultants will sit down with you to create a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to implement a successful drone program throughout your organization.

Goal-Setting and Strategy

After learning more about your organization’s needs, Aerial Hawk will help you create and implement an in-depth, step-by-step program, including customized training, policies, hardware, software, and standard operating procedures.


Having a standard operating procedure in place from project planning to data analysis ensures safety and reliable, accurate results. We will help you create procedures that enable you to ensure regulatory compliance, effectively engage in multiple projects, and ensure consistency throughout your organization.

Pilot Development

We will help you train and educate pilots to ensure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely pilot UAVs while collecting high-quality data. Our drone consultants will also help you determine if outsourcing drone pilots is the right step for your organization.


Choosing the right drones and accessories can be a complicated hassle, especially when unfamiliar with the right equipment needed. Aerial Hawk can help you choose the right equipment as a DJI Approved Reseller or using our network to get you the right drone for the job

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